A Succulent Wild World with SARK

A Succulent Wild World with SARK

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Succulent Wild W0rld

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a space  
where you can be affordably mentored and inspired by me.

Dear Succulent Soul,

I believe and know from personal experience that living an actual dream life consists of living wonderfully in the “marvelous messy middle,” blending and alchemizing the wonderfull and terrible things into a brand new mixture that you can more easily use in your life.

Perhaps the most powerful way we can transform and discover our dream lives together, is through the spirit of a united community.

That’s why I’m offering and teaching this kind of Alchemy in the Succulent Wild World program and membership, using core teachings that I’ve developed through over 30 years of personally transforming what I call the “surprising gifts of terrible things.

This blending work is not only about positive thinking, finding a quick fix, or spiritually bypassing the necessary excavations and repairs. Much more than looking on the bright side, it's about being willing to “be” and live with: the bright, dull, and in between sides. Rather than black and white thinking, it is kind of like having rainbow vision.

Some of what I've alchemized:
Incest in my childhood, years of avoidance of my purpose, poverty, a mid-life suicide attempt, anxiety and depression, and most recently, the death of my beloved fiancé in 2016.

Woven through all the terrible things are the many gifts that result from doing this work of alchemic blending. Through doing this kind of work my experience with incest transformed into understanding and forgiveness; my avoidance of my purpose became to create and then live my purpose; my experiences of poverty became learning to allow and create wealth; my attempting suicide became finding out and embodying the magic beyond the pain that almost caused me to end my own life; my experiences of depression and anxiety evolved into me truly expressing my creativity; and the death of my fiancé became, and is becoming, my being filled with limitless love. All of this blending work took years of practice and applied focus, and is the basis of this program. I am sharing my experiences to help you transform your life as well.

It is also important to recognize that some things just remain terrible. My mentally ill older brother never transformed his drug and alcohol addictions, and HE died from them after years of self torture and abuse. Our family did everything we could think of to help him and to help ourselves, and it didn't "work." What did happen is that tremendous understanding, love and forgiveness were generated by the whole experience, and that he left us with a beautifull daughter, as an example of the best of him that he was never able to realize.

There are so many terrible things, and wonderfull things, and we must become alchemists to blend the two

Join me and hundreds of Succulent souls who are together with me as a guide are practicing and receiving the benefits in their lives as we develop greater resiliency, depthfull kindness, access to more of our creative dreams, asking for and receiving miracles, and expanding intimate human connections, and using technology to accelerate


There are so many exceptional reasons to
add this membership and program to your life... 

Starting at $20/Month. Cancel Anytime

When you join, you’ll receive: 

  • Mentoring by SARK to apply and practice my core teachings, twice monthly in 90 minute video teaching calls which are recorded if you can’t attend live, and also delivered by audio and transcript so you can listen and learn in multiple ways.
  • Monthly Theme Teachings like Alchemizing April, MicroMOVEment Miracles May, Live Juicier June that offer corresponding teachings on those subjects. Attendance is completely optional and the program is designed to fit into your actual life. There is no "behind" other than what’s at the top of your legs;-) … intermittent activity can still produce good results.
  • A Succulent Pathway & Welcome Guide so that you can follow the teachings step by step too and see your results as you go along.
  • A Brand New Succulent book of my core teachings; you’ll learn how to use your intuition to significantly empower yourself in your life, you’ll learn how to communicate with and transform your inner critics so that they aren’t running your life, and you’ll be shown how to tend lovingly and skillfully to your feelings so that you’re able to more freely love and feel glad more often.
  • Dessert Groups: Serendipitously connect in groups of 4 to 6 for up to an hour after class, in order to create even more real life community with other members. Note: Dessert Groups are not recorded so you can feel completely free connecting.
  • Audio recordings of mentoring/coaching classes so you can listen when you’re driving, exercising, gardening or creating art!
  • Transcription of mentoring/coaching classes so that you can refer to it as often as you’d like.
  • Saved and posted text chat after class so that you can save the comments and resources offered.
  • A profound community of kindred spirits, teachers, leaders and healers who are able and qualified to offer mentoring also, if you wish. Members are generally creative, funny, endearing, supportive and uncommon in their ability to compassionately witness challenges and celebrate your microMOVEments and successes. It’s a lively, loving group and you will be profoundly welcomed and nourished.
  • SARK’s MicroMOVEment Miracle method mini book which will show you how to more easily have more of what you want DESIRE with money, love, self love, healing, creativity and joy, along with SARK and lots of other creative souls to play and practice with. 
  • SARK’s Inner Alchemy awareness practice sheet with personal examples from SARK’s life so you can see how she does it and choose to practice also.
  • Frequent surprIse SARK pop ups where you are invited to ask questions or request and receive an intuitive flash from SARK’s Inner Wise Self.
  • Fabulous community features like the LoveLight, where a member is introduced and showered with love, posts and comments for a week before appointing the next LoveLight recipient. We also rally around members to support during challenges and to celebrate all the marvelous things.
  • Glorious Guest Teachers who join SARK and offer their wisdom and mentoring. Video classes with Marc Allen from New World Library Publishing and Brian Andreas from StoryPeople and A Hundred Ways North are already in the accessible archives, with a lovely list of other teachers and mentors who have already agreed to join in. 
  • Deep discounts on other SARK programs. Succulent Wild World members enjoy significant discounts on selected SARK programs- for example, The Rhapsody Of Writing is $500 less than the regular price if you’re a member.

Join Us Now:

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The only difference is the Membership Price You Choose:

Happy members sharing about their experiences in Succulent Wild World program and community: 

“Joining Succulent Wild World has been one of the best acts of self-love ever.

I have already received 10X the attention, support, and value that I expected, within the first two months. SARK is incr edibly involved and provides one-to-one mentoring + coaching in the group calls (I've received twice!) and the exercises like guided Inner Wise Self Love Notes have already shifted my reality, along with hugging myself everyday! I feel truly blessed.”

Debra M

"I am grateful for being part of this magical and inspirational group of people here in the Succulent Wild World.

If you want to spark magic in your life, then you have to surround yourself with magical people that inspire you”

Crystal T 

“The Succulent Wild World Community is a safe haven in which I feel I am surrounded in a warm snuggly blanket of encouragement.

I also feel joy-FULL, happy and exhilarated. I am equipped with what I need to begin making MicroMOVEment wheels and actually accomplishing some of the tasks/movements since I know there are others in the community experiencing some of the same things I am. This is a wonderful place to be, dance, laugh, sing, share and grow with others in the MARVELOUS MESSY MIDDLE.”

Mary S

“I love coming into Succulent Wild World to experience an Oasis in the Desert of Digital Space!

The vibe is loving, supportive, caring, kind, and infectious. And the creativity is effervescent and refreshing! Drink deeply from the tribe and SARK's wise and wonderfull wisdom in this magical space!”

Damon B

“If you’ve been looking to feel supported and inspired by me and other creative people, you’ve found a new home.

In an environment of gratitude, self love and giving to others, we are practicing together more ways to shift our attitudes and beliefs so that we can bring those great energies and miracles to others and to the world.”

Bekah S

“It feels amazing to be this awake!

This filling up/refilling up with love, that there is so much still very possible to enjoy. I send you so much love for all you share and for whom you are, so wonderFULLy living well and showing us, by example, this is what we all can experience. Alchemizing April is already my most transformational month to date since joining you in Succulent Wild World!!!!”

Joanne I

“Hilarious, transforming, motivating, joy filled and life changing!

I have felt stuck for so long and just being here SARK has begun a shift in me to share and believe in my creative life spark ...ready to leap and dance..Started a new Etsy shop, also changing an old one, and put an Instagram account together, went through some sketches of late and realized all along I've been drawing critics, pushers, victims etc and look forward to sharing them! Love and thanks to you. Love to all here."

Christy R

“I am still digesting the class on Monday. not just the subject matter of it, just the fact that it even exists!

Like a secret tree-house or sanctuary where people from all over the world meet to talk about what's going on creatively or personally”

Denise O

“I love knowing that I am in a community of like minded creative souls.

It feels safe. It is place of engaged humans, offering loads of generosity and inspiration! And I am so grateful to have the kindness and to be supported by the teachings of the sparkly yet firm SARK/Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy!

Macy M

“Thank you...

For giving me the "Recognition Roadmap" to consciously see and acknowledge this ongoing creative practice in my life! This shift in perception is a game changer for me! It allows miracles in so much more!!! Susan/SARK is so wildly creative and a genius in building creative community!

Look how many of us have launched books, been in Art shows, started new businesses, blogs, newsletters, got published, started creative organizations, left 9-5 jobs for more creative ventures, created shows and performances, been in media.... The list goes on! I would have never had the courage to write, to go to an Open Mic, to get published, start "The Enchanted Goddess Project".... All because of the lasting friendships over the years in SARK programs and communities.”

Joan W

"Thank you SARK and all you fellow succulent wild world travelers.”

“I'm enjoying the mentoring calls - learning about the marvellous messy middle and feelings self care. Glad to have such an affordable place to get support and open to the possibility of more joy in daily life in spite of many challenges."

Bank S