Ananda K

“Succulent Wild World found me when my soul needed the support and when I didn’t even I was missing. The advice, tools, connection, and love that pours out from this group is truly infinite, and what I love most is that all of me is welcome. Every. Single. Emotion. True magic is created as we all hold such a loving space for each other. All souls deserve a space like SWW. I get to look at myself and do the work in a safe space to expand into my DREAM LIFE. Can’t get any better than that!”

“Succulent Wild World has gifted me a inspirational family of strong, compassionate women and men. In a world where embracing our feminine qualities is a radical act of self-respect and being “too sensitive” is perceived as weakness, SARK and my new tribe here have taught me the power of unconditional love - for both myself and others.

If we meet each other where we are and without judgement, we can change the world - quite literally ‘creating’ a safe and peaceful home for all to share.”

Melissa T

Lauren S

“Succulent Wild World is a safe place to receive joy and wisdom sans judgement. It is a place to share with like minded souls your goals and aspirations. There has never been a Mentoring + Coaching Class that hasn't spoken to and inspired me. Thanks for all on this journey toward a better way of making it through this Marvelous Messy Middle .”

"I've been enriched by SARK's vibrant and generous creativity for nearly 20 years. Her online community, Succulent Wild World, is an extension of that generosity. In the signature and "succulent" style that millions of people around the world have come to know and love, SARK has created a group where all are truly welcome and encouraged to show up, share, shine, and support one another in their creative pursuits.

It's definitely a 'Fabulous Friendship Festival' with plenty of mentoring, inspiring messages, and virtual mangoes mixed in!"

Chloé M.

Cathryn W.

The world is wild and oh, so, succulent. Being part of SARK's community feels like resting under a blanket of warm love, where the welcome mat is always out, the acceptance unconditional. Life is so unutterably precious and fleeting. I entered SARK's Succulent Wild World as I entered my eighth decade of life.

That is a busier decade than I could have imagined because of the need to be a support for ailing friends and to put a cap on all the writing and photography projects waiting for completion. So I can only dip in and out of this warm pool, but I know I will always be welcome. That is a gift of inestimable value.

“Succulent Wild World (SWW) is a sweet place of non-harm,non-judgement, a refuge.

Through the exercises and processes in SWW, I tapped into my heart's desire, which is to live in a state of high vibration, and began to chart my course and align myself with my north star. This year, I would like to experience deep relationships with others that hang out here.”

David Burrows

Debra M.

“Joining Succulent Wild World has been one of the best acts of self-love ever.I have already received 10X the attention, support, and value that I expected, within the first two months.

SARK is incredibly involved and provides one-to-one mentoring + coaching in the group calls (I've received twice!) and the exercises like guided Inner Wise Self Love Notes have already shifted my reality, along with hugging myself everyday! I feel truly blessed.”

“SWW is a passport to a world filled with gentle creatives, dates with your soul and gorgeous tutu-coloured sunrises stained with permission to ‘be’ ... to be wonderful, to be loved up, to be stumbling, to be radiant. To celebrate and receive. To share and connect with an extraordinary group of wonderful people who, like you, have felt the gravitational pull to be closer to SARK and closer to their own heart. I haven’t been involved in SWW long and yet have been challenged to receive more support, more cheering on, more joy than I can express.

I’ve received love parcels filled with confetti, the love light shining upon me for a week with people’s gorgeous reflections and blessings. And at the heart of this beautyfull community is all the inspiration and encouragement from the most succulent and wonderful SARK.

Her classes and love notes and exercises are invitations to nurture your soul, express your vision of yourself and have tea with your fears that whisper in trembled breath that your dreams fly you too close to the sun. Not to chastise these fears, but to transmute them. SWW is a world that promotes wholeness, not perfection. Connection, not counting likes. If you are seeking more meaning and connection in your life, it’s time to get your passport stamped to SWW and begin your adventure in receiving!”

Asha C.

Cathy O.

Big scrunchy-love-with-shooting-stars-coming-from-the-corner-of-my-eyes-as-I-smile-too-wide-in-jo-and-gratitude hug to you and Meg and the whole SWW community and team!

SWW has been a portal to connection, discovery of my own magic, brilliant mentoring by SARK, and renewed creativity. There’s something for everyone in SWW, and you can take in as much or as little as you want. I ALWAYS get at least one awakening or realization from the mentoring calls. SARK leads us all in a playful yet deeply sensitive manner. SWW inspires me to be a better person and go after my dreams!

“We, in this world, and this weary world itself, have a great gaping need for SARK.”

Maya Angelou