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Dear Glowing Soul,

I wrote my first book at age 10, and experienced many years of procrastination and perfectionism, until I burst forward with my 18 bestselling books, products, programs and services. I know the power of sharing my unique gifts with the world through words, and I love mentoring and teaching other writers to do the same.

I receive emails, letters and artwork from readers – people just like you – who passionately tell me about the books or writing projects that they want to write, or are writing, but that they don’t know how to start, how to finish, or how to allow themselves to put their writing “out there". 

Or, they’re starting, or underway with a book or other writing and can’t seem to consistently and productively work on it- and they want to. They have unique gifts to share and they know that writing carries their gifts forward. 

I know that many would love to work with me to start, continue, or complete writing projects, and wish that I offered something that was more affordable than my private mentoring program. 

I heard you and I created it. 

Throughout the years, I’ve created incredible writing programs called Write It Now with SARK and Rhapsody of Writing and SO MANY writers were supported by these programs. Since then, I’ve taken everything I learned and combined it with all that I know NOW to curate a magical map to YOUR writing bliss called:

How to Be a Happy and Successfull Writer: 

Set Your Words and Stories Free with SARK

It’s a brand NEW self-guided support course, alongside LIVE video classes with me for all kinds of writers- where I guide and support you to write more and differently, to fully occupy your writing dreams, make them REAL and get your writing out into the world.

And it isn’t only about getting your writing out into the world, it’s about practicing being and feeling happy and successfull while you do it. This kind of happiness and success is an internal process- it’s about creating and recreating your life as you go along, blending and alchemizing the terrible and wonderfull things that happen, into a brand new healing mixture you can use for change. 

This course is for YOU if:

  • You’re a beginner to an accomplished writer with a specific project in ANY kind of genre.
  • You're ready to move your writing to a new place using an intention creating process.

  • You want to begin again and continue to the completion of your intentions.

  • You need help learning that you and your writing intrinsically have value.

  • You need help organizing or reorganizing your writing- multiplying pages, ideas and words to MOVE your writing forward.

  • You are excited about learning to create and recreate conditions for your writing to actually happen.

  • You are ready to be a creative magician, writing even when actual life seems to interfere.
  • You need help asking for support and receiving it- with accelerated accountability & optional WE: Writing Encourager person.


  • LIVE classes- taught by me, SARK - that will be practical and process-oriented, as well as magical and serendipitous.
  • Weekly intentional step-by-step structured lessons from SARK- self-paced learning guides that include prompts, inspiration sheets and happy movements to use right away and for the rest of your life and writing life. These are intentionally designed and created to help you with your writing process from beginning to end, to transform perfectionism and procrastination to pathways to writing, and overcoming everything you EVER THOUGHT was stopping you.
  • Lifetime access to SARK’s world-class transformational tools and practices to move your along your writing journey- wherever you go and whenever you need them.
  • A private optional Facebook group for writing support and connection with other luminously writing souls. This will be a moving tapestry of people connecting with their mighty hearts and collective writing dreams.

This course is designed to fit into your actual life and with your unique self.

Weekly Luminous Lessons

Each week you’ll receive luminous lessons containing significant teachings, inspirations, and optional assignments, all designed to support your various kinds of writing movements, which you can mix and match, and optionally include in your writing process. 

Some writers and creators will do the lessons weekly, others will spread these lessons out, and other writers might experiment with doing a few and saving the rest for later.

Week 1:      Identifying, Intending and Inspiring Your Unique Writers Voice

Week 2:     Accelerated Accountability + Support Systems For Your Writing

Week 3:     Creating, Collapsing, and Continuing - How Writing Fits Into Your Actual Life

Week 4:     Rewriting, Revising, Reshaping – Allowing Your Writing to Grow With You

Week 5:     Action Before Inspiration – Creating The Time and Energy To Write Your Life

Week 6:     Making It REAL By Giving Your Writing Wings

Week 7:     Make It Public - Gift Your Wonderfull Writing To The World

Week 8:     Creating Celebration + Connection In Support Of Your Dreams


 Live Class #1:  Tue/13th    April 4-6:30 Pacific

 Live Class #2:  Wed/12th   May 4-6:30 Pacific

 Live Class #3:  Mon/24th   May 4-5:30 Pacific

Given that to be privately mentored by me is upwards of $18,000 and I rarely have spots available, 

I wanted to create a program where I could be of service to even more wonderfull writers!

1 Payment of:  $497
2 monthly payments of $297

Marvelous Gift Bonuses Will Be Arriving:

  • SARK’s Creative Companion Audiobook: How To Free Your Creative Spirit

    My first book, read by me, as an audio companion of creativity for you! This book is your creative companion. It will help you re-learn how to free your creative spirit. We all started out creatively free. Remember the sandbox? All you needed was warm toes in bare sand, and maybe a good bucket. Then you could build your own world.         Value: $19.99
  • Creativity Amplification PLAYbook (Never before publicly released):

    A 60-page full-color SARK illustrated monthly journal/PLAYBook! This digital download is full of clickable links that contain inspiring support sheets, SARK art downloads, and audio love notes by ME to guide and support you in creating your NEW now. Use this PLAYbook as a tool to grow, dare, transform, and reset your writing and creation DREAM vibration. Value $97
  • Amy Ahlers Masterclass:

    Bestselling Author and Success Coach Amy Ahlers will teach about The Beautifull Business of Writing a Bestselling Book: How to build your platform, list and audience of beloved readers.

Why Should You Take This Course With Me, SARK? 

When I was creating this course, I envisioned something that you could use right away and then return to- whenever you’d like. 

To come back to again and again.

A course bursting with creative activity, woven in with respect to avoidance, resistance, collapsing, and how they fuel inspiration and brand new perspectives.

Now is the time. Join me!

Especially if you feel full of doubts, resistance, fear or longing. 

You’ll find so much ACCELERATION and SUPPORT, that you finally begin the writings and creations you’ve been so long dreaming of, or continue with something you’ve already started, or receive support for completing. 

Over the years, I’ve personally mentored many happy clients to complete their writing projects and books, get book deals, as well as endorsed thousands of books. And I LOVE supporting people this way. I enjoy the depthfull interactions and witnessing their growth as writers/creators and celebrating their writing successes. 

This is an accessible and affordable way for you to experience the profound writing mentoring that I do, and I’m finding it to be the most exciting, gratifying, collaborative program I’ve ever released.

I Also Know What Writers Want

  • Miracles - Writing miracles in the form of words and pages flowing and multiplying easily. Being “written” instead of trying to write. The miraculous feeling of writing floating forward from consciousness. The miracle of writing being well received. Writing while resting or napping. 
  • Education - Anything and everything a writer needs to know in order to write or share their work 
  • Accountability - Creating a system outside of, and in addition to oneself, to hold to the original and most juicy intentions, and then doing so throughout the writing process 
  • Organization - How writing can be easily found and moved around, over and over- in a system that the writer can easily maintain and continue doing. 
  • Inspiration - Inspiration means to literally draw breath. How the writer inspires themselves- from the inside. The full living of life inspires, and then the writer must generate that inspiration from the inside and keep repeating.
  • Results - Writing having been written so that it can be shared and responded to by others.

My Writing Path Has Been Circuitous

I know how to move you from where you are today, and transform your writing life, because I’ve been where you might be now, or where you were too.

After writing my first book at age 10, I spent 25 years resisting writing, and living with active perfectionism, procrastination and yet, wanting to share my gifts with the world. I felt like everyone was writing and publishing except me. It seemed like there was never time to write, and no matter how much I tried, it felt hopeless. I went to workshops, read books, talked to other writers, and still didn’t consistently write.

What I wrote, I judged and found less than worthy. I wondered if there was any point in continuing to write. I kept writing in my journals and was mostly bored by what I wrote, If I sent my writing out, it was rejected. If I tried to be paid with my writing, it didn’t work.

Great Things Can Happen Quickly 

As I began developing and practicing with the Transformational Tools and Processes that I’m going to share with you, I was then able to write my first book in 2 weeks, a publisher saw it, and published it just as I’d written it, with no changes.

I then went on to write 18 more books and am writing my 19th book now. I’ve written 3 children’s books, part of a memoir, short stories and the beginnings of fiction. I read voluminously, nearly a book a day, and have since first grade. I have written in journals since my late teens, and write my life as I live it. 

This Can Be You Too

Right now, you might be saying to yourself, “well that’s great for SARK – but I’m not SARK. Or, I’ve tried before and it hasn’t worked.

I promise you – if you use and practice with the tools and processes that I’m going to teach you in this course  you can begin and continue to experience your life as a set of continuous miracles – just like I do. And – publish and share your books and writings more than you do now.

Ready to Get Started? Join me!