The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things

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Alchemizing Losses of All Kinds and Letting more Love IN
Saturday/26th September
1-5 pm Pacific

Regular Price:  $149  Today: $99

The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things

*gift locating is optional
Alchemizing Losses of All Kinds and Letting more Love IN
Saturday/26th September
1-5 pm Pacific

Regular Price:  $149  Today: $99

I’m inspired more than ever before to offer this retreat now because of the visible chaos that the world is in. I believe that this chaos is a significant and necessary part of the healing of ourselves and our world.

Through all these decades of publishing my books and sharing stories of love, magic and transformation, the biggest story I repeatedly hear back from my readers is; 

"I was in a dark place, and you led me out." 

Or, "Thanks to you and your work, I was able to lead myself out."

When people are truly doing their transformative work, the world transforms.

The world is in some particularly dark places now, and I know that I am one of the many souls shining a bright light and offering new hope for new ways of doing and being.

I believe that we must inhabit the darkness and terrible things in order to lead and live into the light. We are in a giant time of collective grieving, as we experience losses of all kinds. Since my former fiancé John died in my arms in March 2016,
I’m living a new life about what I call “deeply grieving and wildly living.”

These two go together like bird wings- each supporting the other to fly.

We can be actively deeply grieving and wildly living, both at the same time with all the small and large losses in our lives- things like daily routines, lost dreams, relationships, health, hopes, ways of living, challenging financial circumstances, social justice, climate changes, these and so many other losses all call for our active grieving.

My ways of flying and wildly living have involved a lot of success with my bestselling books, art and company that I created over 30 years ago to support people in living more creatively empowered lives. I’ve also created a great new love in my life 2 years ago-named David- who is an Angel of Love, and we live together practicing the art of deeply grieving and wildly living.

Since my early childhood experiences of incest, and then years of avoidance of my purpose, poverty and daily anxiety leading to a mid-life suicide attempt, deaths of both parents, older brother and cat, I’ve learned and experienced a great deal about deeply grieving.

Most of society reserves grieving for death- and
it is certainly for that, and it’s also for actively grieving losses of all kinds, and to create resilience and to be able to welcome new life and love simultaneously.

There is so much to grieve right now.

Death of course, and losses of all shapes and sizes. There are all the non- linear stages of grief to navigate and feelings to feel, and there is just so much to grieve right now.
That’s the good news.
It’s good because we love and we grieve. If we’re willing, we can let our grieving
lead to even more loving.

Fear of grief and grieving is a larger loss than whatever we’re grieving. We fear grieving because we think we’ll feel worse if we participate, when in fact, we’ll feel...
perhaps not better at first- but different.

That “feeling different” starts the loosening and softening of our resistance to grieving, which then leads to more loving.

It’s also important to note that not every terrible thing has a gift, and there are often gifts woven through loss that can be uncovered and utilized for good.
I’ve created and use significant tools to help you change your brain to be able to more easily do both- Deeply Grieving AND Wildly Living, and let more love IN.

Now I’m offering a brand new depthfull retreat so I can share with you too, and help you fill yourself up with the capacity to alchemize both the wonderfull and terrible things that happen.

You will experience: 

The Power of Loss Listing: Blending the Wonderfull & Terrible Things into a Brand New Healing Mixture making more room for LOVE
Inner Alchemy: Blending the Wonderfull & Terrible Things into a Brand New Healing Mixture making more room for LOVE
Being Mentored By SARK who tunes into her intuition to offer life-loving insights for you
Hearing and Experiencing curated SARK stories to move your soul & shift your perspective to include more love
How to Significantly Expand your Intuitive Power and give yourself love in new and surprising ways
The Recognition that not all Terrible things Contain a Gift; often though gifts woven through loss can be uncovered and utilized for good

Regular Price:  $149  Today: $99


1-5 pm Pacific / 3-7 pm Central / 4-8 pm Eastern

There will also be a delicious opportunity to receive compassionate witnessing,
plus practical support in small groups from 5-6pm Pacific if your energy and schedule allows. 



A powerfull series of 9 paintings from my new series: Deeply Grieving, Wildly Living. These digital DREAM downloads are original paintings by SARK and are high-resolution and print-ready. They can be sent or shared with others or hung in your home or some sacred space to inspire you!

SARK’s The Power of Loss Listing full-color support sheet to practice with before and after the retreat

SARK’s Inner Alchemy full-color support sheet to practice with before and after the retreat

SARK’s Transformational Change Sheet- which you can practice with all-ways

SARK’s After Care full-color support sheet to practice with and support you after the retreat

Regular Price:  $149  Today: $99


“SARK is an authentic, wildly creative and ingenious artist and writer. Her alchemical process intertwined with creativity has transformed my writing practice and my life. SARK’s retreats are a dream come true, and through using her Inner Alchemy process, I’ve grown significantly. I recommend using SARK’s magical wings to fly yourself forward!”

Joan W

Betsy L

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is one of THE most amazing human beings I have ever met. Teacher, mentor, artist, author, sensitive extraordinaire, and humble and human. I have been talking with her for a long time; years as a friend. Inspired and inspiring.
Yes, grief can appear anywhere and everywhere during this time, and it can be addressed.
This is a way forward. Not just about death, but for how we deal with loss and how to find paths through the seemingly endless FOG. SARK has powerful unique and useful ideas, insights, and tools to find YOUR way through the foggy days. Oh, and she's fun and funny, too!
Yup, great tools, and a whole lot more. You all know I love power tools. I highly recommend spending some time with my friend SARK, another amazing tool woman!

I was initally inspired by SARK’s bravery to write such non-traditionally styled books, but I was also the benefactor of her audacity to dream wildly. I then had the opportunity to attend one of SARK’s retreats. Distinctively different from any retreat I had attended before, we completed a number of shared exercises to help us be more prepared to achieve our goals during the retreat. Consequently, my time with SARK was not only productive, but also gratifyingly clever, and cleverly creative. I would recommend SARK to people who need to be reminded that the impossible is actually quite possible!

Sharpn W

- Chip Conley,

“It’s easy to get caught up in one side of loss and change and adversity, especially in times like these. But there’s another side of the coin. An opportunity that is so much bigger, fresher, and more abundant in the long run. In a masterful way that’s almost a left brain/right brain tango, SARK has laid out the path for us to transform our lives no matter what the world throws at us.”

- Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre hotels and bestselling author of Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder

“I joined SARK’s retreat because I love her teaching techniques- her gentleness with everyone, regardless of where they are is encouraging and supportive. My only intention was to be present and enjoy. When I saw how many people were online, I felt my soul curl up in a shell. How can we possibly experience the vulnerability of true connection in such a large group? At the end of the session, I adored everyone who was there. That is the magic of SARK and everyone who works with her and joins these retreats. There is such a resonance and I feel my heart soften and smile. She creates a space where everything is okay, to shine and to stumble and to slow dance with the ‘Marvellous Messy Middle’. The energy of self acceptance, self-love, self-expression is so healing. I desire a passport to SARKland where everyone is loved and cared for, inspired to allow their brilliance to really breathe and show their vulnerability.
I loved our time together and am changed for the better for it. Thank you!


Amy Silva

“SARK understands grief and more importantly, the benefits that can come from feeling the feelings, embracing self-care, listening to your Inner Wise Self, and allowing your soul to become open to the gifts and opportunities that can come from loss - whatever they may be.
Too often, we find ourselves "expected" to heal, get over or find closure in grief within a certain time frame and by an assumed set of steps. Like the anonymous old man's "shipwreck" analogy, grief is always with you. It's force, presence and influence may alter and shift, but usually without warning. The transformative work SARK provides does not remove, diminish, replace or avoid the grief - in fact, SARK helps you to bring the grief in and essentially place it lovingly on your lap where it can be seen, felt and acknowledged.”

The Surprising Gifts of Terrible Things

1-5 pm Pacific / 3-7 pm Central / 4-8 pm Eastern

Regular Price:  $149  Today: $99